I Been Drinkin' - Updated 2/1/08

Caipi' Corretto:

I saw a television program of eating and drinking in Sao Paulo, Brazil recently that put me in the mood to drink a caipirinha (the national drink of Brazil, a lovely, simple and potent cooler made of muddled limes and sugar, ice and cachaca - Brazil's native distillate of fermented sugar cane). I love the caipirinha, as I love most all drinks that only involve limes, sugar, ice and booze - the true daquiri, a lovingly-made margarita, a gimlet - a pisco sour is getting out there, but still in the parking lot. The other thing I really like about the caipirinha is that it more appropriately describes a style of drink, and active interpretation is encouraged, as witnessed by the many different fruit caip's to be found. Only one problem, no cachaca in the house. So looking through my clear boozes, I settled on grappa. Like cachaca, grappa has a less neutral flavor than say vodka, so it gives the drink a little touch extra. After making one, I made two more. Enjoy!

The Caipi' Corretto (Caipirinha w/ grappa):

1/2 lime, further cut into quarters
1 tsp white sugar
1 tsp brown sugar
2 oz grappa (low-medium price - don't get 'tazy)

Muddle limes and sugars in a glass. Add ice. Top with grappa. Stir lightly. One of the joys of the caipirinha is the boozy jolt at the start, mellowing into the sweet, limey bottom.